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Theme Song Artist
Theme Song Artist

From anime, games, pachinko slot machines and more - the executive producer of ave;new, 'a.k.a.dRESS', has created a wealth of music using both male and female vocalists. Their slogan: 'The new way and means for creation'.

ave;new has released a number of tracks spanning genres - from the more upbeat electro, techno, dance and R&B styles to metal rock and punk genres. They don't stick to any specific genre, instead having a much more open outlook on music.

'ave;new project' is a sister unit of ave;new, which releases Akiba-kei and 'moe' music, with a focus on the 'cute' side more than anything else - making them the perfect group to create the theme song to Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel Kyunkyun Tokemeki Paradise!!

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Theme Song Artist
Saori Sakura

Birthplace: Gifu
Birth Date: 19th September
Nickname: Shaori, Shaorinu

Saori has a sentimental yet sweet voice that cannot be heard anywhere else. She sings both upbeat pop tunes as well as slower melodies, all of which have captured the hearts of listeners. She herself has also done lyric writing, song composition, voice acting and work as a radio personality. She has worked with ave;new to release singles and albums featuring songs from PC games and pachinko slot machines.

Not only is she singing the opening theme in the Twin Angel anime, but she is also the voice of 'Tenshi-chan' in the series!

In September 2009 she will be releasing her 2nd solo album, 'Tearful' - 3 years after her first solo album, 'Lovable' was released.

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Theme Song Artist
Rie Shirasawa

Birthplace: Ibaraki
Birth Date: 29th November
Nickname: Rierin

Rie was brought up on years of piano practice and a backbone of classic music, but now sings a variety of genres - from enka and sorrowful rock melodies, to the most colorful of moe songs!

But Rie is much more than just an incredible singer - she also writes, composes and arranges songs as well as dabbles in programming! She has been involved with pachinko slot machines, radio shows, manga and PC games, and now this summer she will be singing the opening theme to "Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel Kyunkyun Tokemeki Paradise!!" as well as the theme song to the PSP game "Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel ~Toki to Sekai no Meikyuu~"!

In September 2011 she will be releasing her much awaited first solo album 'DOLL'!

Theme Song Artist

Artist Comment

Hello to everyone on the Twin Angel site! This is a.k.a.dRESS from ave;new. As for a quick introduction - I'm responsible for the composition and arrangement of music in the Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel series.. although I am normally credited as 'Dorechu'.

My first meeting with the Twin Angel brand was back when I had created ave;new project as a sister brand to my main brand ave;new. I created the sister brand as a brand that focuses on 'moe' and cuter music when compared to ave;new. At the time it was a kind of half-serious, half-joke brand, but at that time Sammy came up to me and asked if I would write the theme song to their pachinko slot machine game.

At that time, Twin Angel obviously wasn't an anime series, but the quality that went into the animation on the machines was the real deal. I was really impressed, and decided that I had to write a suitably impressive song. I actually first heard about the Twin Angel series when the visuals were still being written, and the voice actors were all still under consideration - which of course means that ave;new has been involved with the series right from the onset! That's why working on the TV anime now is a really special project for me.

I'm fairly certain that my long involvement with the series gives me a good advantage when composing songs, but at the same time it puts some pressure on. Even when I know I want to make a bright happy song filled with energy, things don't always go right at first.

Often when working with Twin Angel, a question like 'it's a pretty unique series, what kind of music shall we use?" will come up. I'm always so glad to hear the decision of "just leave that to dRESS." It's proof that I'm trusted, and although that might lead to even more pressure, it has also leads to great things happenings - things like the titles of my songs like 'Lovely ☆ Angel' becoming the lines the characters use to transform - when things like that happen, I resolve myself to never be careless with my work.

Another title 'Let's Go Fever Time!" has also become a common thing to say at parties, and the reason for that is simply because I once casually shouted it out while I was in front of a mike. It makes me wonder what would have happened if I had named the song differently... I'm fairly certain I was considering 'A☆B☆C☆D☆E Fever!!' or something like that at one stage...

There are a few themes that go along with Twin Angel theme songs - they need to have an easy to remember, cute and exiting melody, a kind of 'picopico' sound is always included, the characters names will always be found in the lyrics and of course a fun-loving attitude is a must. This time around I'm working on the opening theme to the anime series, the song is called - 'Onnanoko tte ♪ Maji ☆ Chou Angel!!', which is sung as a duet between Saori Sakura, who is also doing the voice of Tenshi-chan in the anime, and Rie Shirasawa. It's quite a unique song for ave;new project - it has a very high-tension and upbeat tempo to it.

I'm sure there will be quite a few people who are new to the world of Twin Angel and its characters, and I'm sure there will be many loyal fans watching as well - either way I'm certain that everyone who watches the series will have a great time. What I wanted to create in terms of music, was something suitable for a TV anime of Twin Angel - something that really incorporated the concept of 'anime' in the music.

I tried to visualize all the characters - the Angels, Phantoms and all the other lovable characters all growing up and rising towards the clouds. As if they had each grown wings of Angels and taken off with them! I hope you'll get that same feeling while listening to the song. The theme of the song is 'growth', and I'm certain it will lead to growth for ave;new, ave;new project and Dorechu!

I'm glad to be working with the Twin Angel Staff, as well as with all you fans of the series - I hope you'll continue to support for the series for as long as possible! I've got many more ideas for the future of Twin Angel, and I aim to create more and more songs for those who love to listen to them!

ave;new Executive Producer
a.k.a.dRESS (A.K.A Dorechu)